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At HaKlinika, we engage in the promotion of environmental awareness and behavior in their broadest sense, as these are reflected in the perception of sustainability. We believe that an outlook that respects the environment is impossible without the social and economic perceptions that allow the setting of general priorities.

HaKlinika operates on several levels:

Environmental communications, strategy and research, managing campaigns, branding, giving lectures at conferences, workshops and content consultation on subjects of environment and sustainability, initiating and leading projects and campaigns – from the conceptual inception, to resource development, program formulation and implementation.

Liat Zvi

I have dreamed of working in advertising since the age of 16, ever since I read David Ogilvy's book and realized that this was my calling. And indeed, in 2000-2010 I was a partner and head of strategy and business development in Geller Nessis Leo Burnett (later Publicis) – at the time, one of the leading advertising agencies. I have worked with top international and local companies and brands like Visa, the Central Bottling Company, Osem, Nokia, Honigman, TNT, Igud Bank, The Phoenix, and more.

Earth Hour project woke me up to a grim reality in terms of environment and society. In 2010 I sold my share in the agency and joined Maya Zurel to form "The Klinika – Future Friendly Brands". Together we try to change the misguided notion that the earth has inexhaustible resources.

In the last five years I have had the privilege of growing through the following programs:

- The Heschel Center for Sustainability – Social and Environmental? Leadership Fellowship program, 2009.

- MA – The Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University, graduating in 2016

- Aspen Institute Middle East Leadership program, completion in 2016.  


More about me:

I am a mother of fabulous three and the wife of a hero (:

I live in Tel Aviv

Ride a bicycle and drive a hybrid

Vegetarian since the age of 24

Maya Zurel

The decision to work in advertising was a gut feeling: advertising, marketing, consumer behavior and insights, trends – all these have always felt intuitive to me, a second nature, a language I speak from home.

I took my first steps in the field in account and client management positions at Geller Nessis Leo Burnett, and then at IPG – Reuveni Pridan. Working in large advertising agencies I was fortunate to work on and lead high-profile and successful campaigns for prominent clients.  I was still fascinated by the magic of advertising and the power of the media, but soon became aware of the dangers they entail. In 2008 I decided to make a change. I felt a need to slow down for a moment, to stop and look around me. On this background I joined Liat in leading the revolutionary campaign Earth Hour – the first of its kind in Israel, aimed at raising awareness of global warming. And the rest, as they say, is history…

We have been working together at The Klinika ever since – learning, exploring, and creating projects and campaigns aimed at generating a change in the awareness and behavior of the Israeli public.

I am currently studying for a Master in Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy, in the Design Management track.

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