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Tamir Conference


As part of Global Re-Thinking conference of the packaging recycling corporation Tamir, we were asked to encourage joint thinking about how the Israeli industry can grow hand in hand with the preservation of the environment and the cultivation of its duty to civilian society, with a focus on recycling and waste minimization.

The Marker Marketing Conference


In 2009, before the 2011 social protest, The Marker wished to talk about the breakdown of consumers and motivations. We chose to present the new consumer – the one with agendas. A group that can be the dream consumers who pay a high premium on quality, but can be also the nightmare consumers who complain on social media.

The Marker Environment Conference


The conference, which offered a broad perspective on the environmental subject, wished to give the practitioners a toolkit.

As part of the sustainability dictionary marathon, we presented the subject of Greenwashing – what it is and the dangers it entails to companies.

The Marker Innovation Conference


Technological innovation breathes new life into outdated financial models like sharing economy, sustainable consumerism, transforming products to services and more.

We reviewed some of the trends and the prominent players.

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